How to Set a Goal with Syfe

Syfe’s recently launched Goals feature allows investors to create, track, and adjust their goals to achieve their small and large financial ambitions.

To get started all you have to do is open the Syfe app (download it here if you haven’t already), navigate to the goals page, and you’ll be presented with the option of choosing from four unique categories: 

Financial Independence

Whether you want to retire at 35, 55 or not at all, building up additional wealth through investing is one of the key ways to achieve financial independence.


Set yourself up for success in retirement and focus on building your nest egg so you can enjoy your post-work world on your own terms. 

House Deposit

Whether you want to build a house deposit to buy your dream home or your first investment property, get closer to your property ambitions by setting goals around them.

Custom Goal

Long or short and ideally for those with a DIY mindset, design your own goal, based on your ambitions, lifestyle, and objectives over the short or long term. 

How to Set a Goal with Syfe

Once you’ve selected the goal you’re looking to achieve, you’re just three steps away from creating a Syfe goal. All you have to do is: 

  1. Choose a dollar amount you want to assign to your chosen goal. 
  2. Define the time period you want to achieve your goal in. 
  3. Decide how much you want to invest on a monthly basis + your initial investment amount.  

At this stage, investors can also play around with advanced options, like factoring in the expected inflation rate and expected returns required to achieve their goal (in dollar terms), within the time frame specified.

Once you’ve chosen those selections, simply tap create goal in the Syfe app

Now that your goal is set, you’ll be able to link or tag investments against your goal. (And don’t worry, you can always link and unlink investments once they’ve been tagged against your chosen goal.)

At this stage, you’ll be presented with two final options to link or tag your investments to your goals: 

Invest in Smart Baskets

With ready made Smart Baskets you can effortlessly diversify your investments based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment style, built by Syfe wealth professionals and all in one trade. Learn more about Smart Baskets here.

Invest in 12,000+ Aussie & US stocks and ETFs

For the hands on investor, with Syfe you can invest in and link over 12,000+ Aussie & US stocks and ETFs against your goals, giving investors full control over the way in which they go about achieving their goal.

Ready to start achieving your financial ambitions? Set, track and invest against your biggest goals with Syfe’s Goals feature today. Download the app now.

Smart Baskets are pre-packaged orders formulated according to investment attributes of the underlying securities/ETFs (such as geographic and industry exposure, historical dividend yield, and historical capital appreciation), and do not take into account your personal circumstances, risk appetite, and goals. Past performance figures are based on information provided by third parties and may not be accurate. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The information provided does not suggest or imply and should not be construed as any guarantee of future performance, or as investment advice or strategy. Each Smart Order comprises several separate orders for ease of execution only, and should not be construed in any manner as a managed discretionary account or a managed investment scheme.Investing involves risks, including the risk of losing your invested amount. We do not provide personalised advice or recommendations. You should decide if the orders to be placed are suitable for you. Any information we provide is general advice and current at the time written. Please speak to your financial or tax adviser for personal advice.