US Earnings Season Preview | 24 – 28 April 

Tech results are poised to dominate the coming weeks of US corporate earnings – with big tech companies like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Alphabet all reporting quarterly earnings between 24 – 28 of April. 

Here’s when those earnings are set to happen and what analysts expect from these companies:    

Microsoft (MSFT) | Q3 Earnings | Wednesday 26 April 

Up around 20% year to date – Microsoft has both remained consistent in 2023 and shown an appetite for venturing into uncharted territory, with the company in January announcing a US$10 billion investment into OpenAI – one of the world’s leading AI companies. As part of that investment, the company said it would integrate OpenAI’s Chat GPT functionality across the Microsoft suite of products, including Bing Search, in a move that has raised competitive alarm bells for the likes of Alphabet. 

Heading into the upcoming quarterly earnings release, analysts expect Microsoft to report EPS of US$2.24 and revenue of US$51.1 billion.

Alphabet (GOOGL) | Q1 Earnings | Wednesday 26 April 

Does the emergence of Chat GPT and proliferation of generative AI pose an existential threat to Alphabet’s Google Search? Or will Alphabet continue to notch up the kind of runaway growth that it has for the last decades? Analysts continue to like the stock despite these potential headwinds and remain bullish on Alphabet’s outlook, with the stock carrying a Buy rating on average, based on Syfe data.

Analysts expect the company to report revenue of US$68.5 billion and EPS of US$1.08 as part of its upcoming quarterly results. 

Meta Platforms (META) | Q1 Earnings | Thursday 27 April 

After a disastrous 2022, things have looked up for the social media giant in 2022, with its stock up 72% year to date. Two things look to have driven that share price run up: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg not only has moved away from discussing his metaverse project, but he’s gone on a drastic cost cutting and efficiency regime, laying off thousands of employees in the process.

Analysts expect META to report EPS of US$2.02 and revenues of US$27.6 billion as part of its upcoming earnings report.   

Amazon (AMZN) | Q1 Earnings | Thursday 28 April

Investors will likely be eyeing the growth rate and outlook of Amazon’s much-watched cloud division – AWS – which generated US$21.4 billion in revenue for the company in the last quarter. While AWS continues to grow quickly, with the segment growing 20% in Q4 – the company has witnessed a deceleration in growth in recent years, as companies like Microsoft and Alphabet take market share.

Analysts are forecasting Amazon to report total revenue of US$124.6 billion and EPS of US$0.20 at its upcoming quarterly results. 

*All dates in Australian time, data correct as of 20 April. Source: CNN.

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