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What does Syfe exactly do to help you do better? From who we are to how our products work, we help you know us a bit more. You are in safe hands!

Understanding our Core portfolio investment strategy

Syfe Core is designed to maximise risk-adjusted returns, as measured by the Sharpe Ratio.

Is a Core Balanced portfolio right for you?

Are you someone who is comfortable taking a moderate level of risk to seek for returns?

What is Smart Beta? Why is it a good investment strategy?

In recent years, smart beta investing has become increasingly popular.

Is a Core Defensive portfolio right for you?

Are you someone who doesn’t like the idea of taking large risks?

An easier way to invest in the world’s top companies

We’ve launched a portfolio for investors seeking a 100% exposure to stocks.

Inside Syfe’s Core Equity100 Portfolio

Core Equity100 is an all-equity portfolio.

Is a Core Growth portfolio right for you?

Are you someone who favours a high-risk, high-reward approach to investing?

Syfe’s H1 2023 Performance: A Deep Dive 

The initial months of 2023 brought concerns of a banking crisis, recession fears, and unprecedentedly high rates. However, the markets continued to showcase their unpredictability. Against all anticipations, equities witnessed a significant increase during this period, with major tech stocks marking a notable comeback. On the other hand, global bond markets registered muted returns.

Understanding Syfe’s Disruptive Technology portfolio

Disruptive Technology portfolio directly holds over 100 high-growth stocks like Tesla, Shopify, and Coinbase.

5 Reasons to Act Now! Why Now is the Time to Invest Bonds for Passive Income

Given the easing inflation and potential pivot away from tightening policies, bonds present an investment opportunity that hasn’t been seen for over a decade for investors looking to build up their passive income.