#AskSyfe: Should I Invest Now Or Wait For A Better Market? (Video)

This is the first of our new video series, #AskSyfe, where we tap into the collective investing wisdom of our team and serve it up in snappy 60-second bites.

Our answer:

Don’t wait to invest. Time in the market is more important than timing the market. Nobody – not professional fund managers, financial pundits or your friend with the hot new stock tip – can predict how markets will perform tomorrow.

But when you invest long-term, you’ll realise that on the whole your portfolio tends to go up. In fact, if you take any 20-year rolling period, the US stock market has never lost money – the average annual return over a 20-year period stands at about 6.7%. 

Rather than wait for the “perfect” time to invest, start investing now in a low-cost, diversified portfolio and let compounding do its magic.