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Walmart, Target, Cisco: Earnings Spotlight

Walmart, Target, Cisco and more made big market moves this week

Values-based Investing: 3 ESG, Sharia-compliant ETFs To Know

Want to align your money with your principles? Here are three ETFs to consider

Key Market Moves: Snap, Tesla, Netflix

Stocks that made headlines this week (18 - 22 Apr)

Twitter, Disney, Amazon: 3 Stocks Gaining Interest Among Syfe Trade Investors (April 2022)

Twitter, Disney, and Amazon are among Syfe Trade's most traded stocks

Key Market Moves: Meta, Pinterest, Alphabet

Stocks that made headlines this week (1 - 4 Feb)

Apple, Amazon, Twitter: Earnings Spotlight

Record profits and sales for Apple, but Amazon earnings disappoints. 

How To Buy US Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

Kickstart your US stocks investing journey

Meta, Google, Microsoft Earnings: Is There Hope For Big Tech?

Big Tech earnings: Meta, Google and Microsoft

The Hidden Costs In Zero-Commission Trades

Zero commission doesn't always mean free trades

Microsoft Rises: Earnings Spotlight

Following its recent earnings beat and strong fourth-quarter revenue guidance, here's a closer look at Microsoft