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Weekly updates in three charts

Weekly Market Commentary | 3 October 2021

US debt ceiling; fundamentals and fluctuations

Weekly Market Recap | 28 February 2021

10-year U.S Treasury yield surges on inflation jitters; energy and financials rally; Asia kicks off vaccinations

Weekly Market Commentary | 13 June 2021

US Inflation report; G7 meeting; a FOMO ETF

Weekly Market Commentary | 1 August 2021

FOMC meeting; Big Tech earnings; wild week for China stocks

Weekly Market Wrap | 11 March 2022

US inflation at almost 8%; Russian oil; earnings highlights

Weekly Market Commentary | 22 August 2021

Hong Kong enters technical bear market; US Treasuries outlook

Weekly Market Recap | 13 December 2020

Another week without compromise on the US stimulus bill

Weekly Market Recap | 31 January 2021

Slowdown in US economic rebound; the dizzying rally of GameStop

Weekly Market Commentary | 16 May 2021

US inflation jitters; Bitcoin meltdown

Weekly Market Commentary | 17 October 2021

Singapore tightens policy in 3 years; US Sept inflation