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Weekly Market Recap | 10 January 2021

Democrats win control of the US Senate, giving incoming president Joe Biden control of both Senate and House of Representatives

Weekly Market Commentary | 12 September 2021

US jobless claims trend lower; markets neutral

Weekly Market Recap | 11 April 2021

US President Joe Biden promoted his $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan; the IMF forecasts a stronger global recovery with 6% projected growth

Weekly Market Commentary | 27 June 2021

Stocks at all-time highs following the US' infrastructure deal; Big Banks' stress test

Weekly Market Recap | 17 January 2021

Trump's second impeachment; rising US jobless claims; and a US$1.9 trillion stimulus package

Weekly Market Commentary | 19 September 2021

Cooling US inflation; China's casino clampdown?

Understanding Our Recent Cash+ Performance

While periods of modest volatility are to be expected, the chances of sustained or permanent losses are low.

Weekly Market Commentary | 4 July 2021

US stocks continue to rally; Chinese Communist Party 100th Anniversary

Weekly Market Recap | 24 January 2021

Stock markets look forward to a return of normality after Joe Biden is sworn in; a K-shaped recovery; earnings season kickstarts

Weekly Market Recap | 17 April 2021

China is on course to join the US as twin engines for a global recovery in 2021; big bank earnings; VIX at pandemic-era low