Weekly Market Recap | 21 February 2021

Singapore unveiled a new $11 billion package as part of Budget 2021; an oil supply shock hits the US; Treasury yields creep higher

Weekly Market Commentary | 17 October 2021

Singapore tightens policy in 3 years; US Sept inflation

Weekly Market Commentary | 16 May 2021

US inflation jitters; Bitcoin meltdown

Weekly Market Recap | 29 November 2020

Another Covid-19 vaccine joins the party

Weekly Market Commentary | 1 August 2021

FOMC meeting; Big Tech earnings; wild week for China stocks

Weekly Market Recap | 28 February 2021

10-year U.S Treasury yield surges on inflation jitters; energy and financials rally; Asia kicks off vaccinations

Weekly Market Commentary | 24 October 2021

Bitcoin ETF; third weekly gains for major US indices; US earnings season;

Weekly Market Commentary | 23 May 2021

Fed meeting minutes released; Chinese bonds look more attractive; UK consumers ready to splurge

Weekly Market Recap | 6 December 2020

EU-UK trade talks hit a roadblock yet again while US inflation expectations rise amid optimism

Weekly Market Commentary | 15 August 2021

US July CPI, PPI; "low" returns?