Weekly Market Recap | 14 March 2021

US President Joe Biden's $1.9T stimulus bill gets passed; elevated bond yields ease

Weekly Market Recap | 6 March 2021

US markets whipsawed; Senate votes on stimulus bill; China unveils 5-year economic plan

Weekly Market Recap | 28 February 2021

10-year U.S Treasury yield surges on inflation jitters; energy and financials rally; Asia kicks off vaccinations

Weekly Market Recap | 21 February 2021

Singapore unveiled a new $11 billion package as part of Budget 2021; an oil supply shock hits the US; Treasury yields creep higher

Weekly Market Recap | 7 February 2021

The US economy continues to show signs of recovery; GameStop share prices fall back to earth

Weekly Market Recap | 31 January 2021

Slowdown in US economic rebound; the dizzying rally of GameStop

Weekly Market Recap | 24 January 2021

Stock markets look forward to a return of normality after Joe Biden is sworn in; a K-shaped recovery; earnings season kickstarts

Weekly Market Recap | 17 January 2021

Trump's second impeachment; rising US jobless claims; and a US$1.9 trillion stimulus package

Weekly Market Recap | 10 January 2021

Democrats win control of the US Senate, giving incoming president Joe Biden control of both Senate and House of Representatives

Weekly Market Recap | 27 December 2020

The EU-UK have finally reached a trade agreement; Trump criticizes the US$900 billion fiscal stimulus package