Weekly Market Commentary | 29 August 2021

Jackson Hole symposium; China's "common prosperity" over profits

Weekly Market Recap | 20 December 2020

Vaccine-driven optimism and progress towards a stimulus package continues to drive the stock market rally

Weekly Market Commentary | 16 May 2021

US inflation jitters; Bitcoin meltdown

Weekly Market Recap | 6 March 2021

US markets whipsawed; Senate votes on stimulus bill; China unveils 5-year economic plan

Understanding Our Recent Cash+ Performance

While periods of modest volatility are to be expected, the chances of sustained or permanent losses are low.

Weekly Market Recap | 31 January 2021

Slowdown in US economic rebound; the dizzying rally of GameStop

Weekly Market Commentary | 15 August 2021

US July CPI, PPI; "low" returns?

Weekly Market Recap | 17 April 2021

China is on course to join the US as twin engines for a global recovery in 2021; big bank earnings; VIX at pandemic-era low

Weekly Market Commentary | 17 October 2021

Singapore tightens policy in 3 years; US Sept inflation