These Cloud-Based Software Are Boosting Business Efficiency In 2020

Editor’s Note: This article is a guest post by Talenox.

For any business, there is a need to maintain the lines of communication that are crucial in keeping businesses running; all while accommodating the pace at which the current situation is changing. For a lot of businesses, this means turning to smart tech solutions like cloud-based software to remain competitive in the long run. 

Needless to say, there’s been a lot of excitement about digitisation and cloud automation these days – and for good reason. After all, cloud-based software has allowed businesses to improve their productivity massively, and this can be done with minimal time and effort. 

Here are some of our favourite cloud-based software – namely remote communication, project management and human resource management.

1) For Remote Communication: Slack

Slack is one of the most popular apps for remote communication and millions use it every day. We love it because it provides a single place for teams to share messages, tools and files as well as stay up to date. Aside from streamlining all working communication and contacts, Slack allows you to also create specific channels for certain projects where you can chat publicly within groups or in private.

With an instant messenger approach to communication, everyone can be contactable anywhere and anytime. Take for instance Fox Sports’ use of the Slack app. From covering the FIFA World Cup across continents to organizing day-to-day communication, Fox Sports uses Slack channels to keep on track.  Slack channels allowed every producer to share crucial real-time coverage of the FIFA World Cup™, from highlights and notable celebrity tweets to videos of fans celebrating across the globe.

The best productivity hack in Slack would have to be the option to set up automatic responses. To create your custom Slackbot responses, click here. From that page, hit the + Add new response button, and fill out the message you’d like Slackbot to send when certain words or phrases are typed. For example, you can automate replies that pull up our calendars when triggered by certain phrases like “are you available”. This could help your colleague know immediately whether you’re available for a meeting.

Automatic Responses on Slack with Slackbot

Our personal favourite would be the feature that allows us to create our own to-do lists within Slack by setting up Slackbot reminders. To remind yourself (or someone else) to do something at a certain time, all you have to do is type “/remind [yourself, a coworker, or #channel] + [whatever you want to remember] + [when you want to be reminded about it] + Enter”. The Slackbot will take note from there and remind you (or someone else) accordingly.

Slackbot Reminder
Slackbot Reminder

2) For Project Management: Basecamp

While Slack is great for instant messaging, Basecamp is the asynchronous communication hub that organises discussions way better than emails. For over 3.3 million accounts, Basecamp is a one-stop-shop for businesses to discuss campaigns, link important company docs, as well as assign to-do tasks to different teams or individuals.

The great things about Basecamp would mainly be their Message Board feature.

They essentially help keep the entire conversation about a specific topic together on a single page. That definitely helps us save a lot of time from having to dig through emails or attempt to reassemble discussion threads from a series of fragmented replies. 

A great productivity hack in Basecamp would have to be the to-do list feature available. Work-in-progress (WIP) status meetings can be a waste of time and a boring session for everyone involved. That’s where Basecamp’s in-built To-Dos feature comes in handy. You can not only divvy up tasks in your Project or Team but also assign a deadline or a span of due dates for the person responsible for these tasks to take note of.

With many people working remotely amid COVID-19, it’s easy to keep track of our projects’ progress on Basecamp. 

3) For Human Resource Management: Talenox

At the core of every organisation’s business ethic, paying employees on time is non-negotiable – regardless of the circumstances. Hence, it is important to ensure your payroll processes can be executed on time and accurately regardless of any unplanned interruptions, even amid COVID-19.

It’s possible with an HR payroll software that helps you:

  • Make payment flexibly throughout the month in just three simple steps;
  • Manage your employees’ leave with ease; and
  • View and edit their employee information quickly and easily from a central location/dashboard

With Talenox as our HR payroll software product, we are glad that we can help thousands of companies reduce direct human interaction for these HR processes. After all, it is important that companies can still manage their HR tasks with ease during this difficult period.

One whole month to explore all the features in this HR Software for FREE.

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