[Webinar] Market Outlook 2023 with BlackRock

Webinar Overview

Date: Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Time: 7-8 PM

Venue: Online Webinar

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Market Outlook: Insights and Strategies

Wondering what’s ahead for the market in 2023? The current economic climate has given rise to mounting uncertainty and unpredictability in various markets, making it more important than ever to stay informed and stay ahead of the curve.

Our 2023 Market Outlook Seminar will cover a range of topics from economic trends and predictions, and the impact of global events on markets, to strategies for successfully investing in the current climate.

Join us in this webinar session as we go through the 2023 market outlook together with Blackrock’s Christian Obrist, Head of iShares Distribution Asia and Giri Rajendran, BlackRock’s Investment Strategist, as well as Syfe’s Head of Investment Strategy, Ritesh Ganeriwal.