Investor Trends and Outlook 2024

Your new investment playbook as the Fed pivots

As we transition into 2024, we are positioned at a critical juncture in monetary policy. With interest rates poised to stabilise, the investment landscape is brimming with new opportunities.

To gain deeper insight into how your peers invest and identify potential opportunities:

Financial Goals vs Actions

Through our proprietary survey, we noticed a disconnect between investors' financial aspirations and their actual steps towards achieving them.

2024 The Road Ahead

The year 2024 is set to be a pivotal point in monetary policy. With interest rates expected to level off, the markets may see the emergence of new opportunities.

Asset Class Views

As interest rates are expected to trend lower, we favour bonds and selective equity sectors over cash.

Key Themes and Ideas

Invest Excess Cash

Inflation continues to trend lower. Central banks are to pivot monetary policies

• Shift allocation from cash to assets that could benefit from lower interest rates such as bonds and S-REITs

Focus on Quality

‍Growth is likely to slow down

• Focus on quality and defensive sectors
• Favour investment grade bonds

Stay Invested but diversified

Political and geopolitical risks dominate headline news

• Stay invested but diversify
• Consider increasing allocation to safe-haven assets

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