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How is the fee calculated for Managed Portfolios and Cash Management solutions?

The fee is calculated on a daily basis and billed at the end of each month.

If you withdraw your balance before that, you pay only for the days your money was managed by Syfe. Your tier, and corresponding fees, are decided by the higher of your total assets under management or total invested amount across all portfolios. Subject to prevailing GST, where applicable, from 1 June 2023 for Managed Portfolios and 1 July 2023 for Cash Management.

Where can I see the fees I have paid when using Brokerage?

For Brokerage, you can view details of your fees paid by clicking on Order history, and clicking into the order for which you want to view the fee details. You can also view your fee breakdown in the daily confirmation and monthly statements. These can be accessed from your Syfe app and are also sent via email.

Do I have to pay transaction fees or exit fees?

No, unlike traditional investment management, Syfe does not charge you transaction or brokerage fees. There are no entry or exit fees and no hidden charges, so you pay even lower fees.

Are there any other fees apart from Syfe's management fee?

ETF Management Fees (For ETF portfolios)
The ETF management fee across our Syfe Core portfolios averages 0.15 - 0.24%. For an ETF management fee of 0.15%, this amounts to around US$1.50 per US$1,000 invested each year. The fee is charged by the ETF manager and built in to the prices of the ETFs that we buy on your behalf.

Since it is not charged by Syfe, you will not see the ETF management fee deducted directly from your Syfe account.

Currency Conversion
There is a 0.09% fee for currency conversion charged by our broker, SAXO Markets, on the amount converted. This is applicable on SGD transfers made to Syfe Core portfolios where we need to buy or sell US dollars to trade US securities in your account.
To understand more about currency conversion and your portfolio, please read more here.

SEC Charges
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges a very small fee of 0.0008% on sell trades. This fee applies to our Syfe Core portfolios for sell transactions only.

SGX clearing and trading access fees (For REIT portfolios)
The Singapore Exchange (SGX) charges clearing and trading access fees for trades executed on the SGX. These fees apply to our Syfe REIT+ portfolio only. SGX clearing fees are 0.0325% of the contract value and SGX trading access fees are 0.0075% of the contract value.

Goods and Services Tax
Syfe has been a GST-registered entity since March 2022, and to-date, we have been absorbing the GST applicable to the services we provide to you. From 1 June 2023, Syfe will begin charging GST on Annual Management Fees.

GST is charged on your annual management fee forall managed portfolios and is subjected to prevailing GST, where applicable, from 1 June 2023. Cash+ portfolios and is subjected to prevailing GST, where applicable, from 1 July 2023.