How To Buy US Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

invest in US stocks

Wondering how to invest in US stocks and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a simple guide to buying US stocks and ETFs – with as little as US$1.

1: Select a brokerage platform

The first thing you’ll need before you can trade stocks is a brokerage platform. The platform will allow you to buy and sell stocks, monitor your assets, and manage your investment funds. 

When it comes to choosing the right brokerage platform, there are several key factors to consider. This includes commission fees, ease of use and features.

Commissions and Fees

Most brokerages charge a commission per transaction, plus a platform fee.

Keeping in mind that the key objective of investing is to accumulate wealth, it is often ideal to pick brokerage platforms with lower commission fees since these can really eat into your profits.

Here’s a comparison of the fees charged by some well-known brokerage platforms in Singapore when investing in US stocks.

PlatformMinimum FeeCommissionsOther Fees
Syfe BrokerageIntroductory Offer:
Unlimited free US trades
for the first 3 months

At least 2 free US trades/month,
US$1.49/trade thereafter
No platform feesNo withdrawal fees
or 0.03% of transaction
US$0.99/orderNo withdrawal fees
Tiger BrokersUSD$0.005/share
Min. USD$1/order
Min. USD$0.99/order
No withdrawal fees

Ease of Use and Features

Investing shouldn’t be that hard. Having a user-friendly interface can really help with the experience. This is why Syfe Brokerage has been designed to be simple and hassle-free.

No matter which platform you pick, explore the brokerage platform to see if it’s intuitive and easy to use for you.

2: Research stocks

Now that you have decided on a brokerage platform, it’s time to actually pick a stock! Understanding your risk appetite and financial goals can be helpful in narrowing down the choices. For instance, are you looking to gain steady compound interest over a long duration, or are you aiming for high-risk, high-reward trades?

One way to decide on stocks is to consider the global brands you use every day. List down the companies that you believe are going to continue growing, and do your due research on their financial status and future plans.

Like Warren Buffet put it, “Buy into a company because you want to own it, not because you want the stock to go up.”

Another tip you can consider is to diversify your portfolio. This means buying a range of stocks from different industries, so that they are not all affected by the same market trends and world events. Such a strategy can lower the risk of your overall investment portfolio and help you stay afloat even when a crisis happens in one particular sector.

3: Decide how much to invest

How much are you willing to invest? As a rule of thumb, experts recommend setting aside 10% to 20% of your after-tax income for investing. However, there is no one-size-fits-all and you should definitely consider your own financial situation and goals before committing. 

With Syfe Brokerage’s fractional trading feature, you can buy a stock with as little as US$1! Buying your favourite stocks while keeping to your investment budget is so much easier when you invest with Syfe Brokerage.

4: Choose your order type

There are 2 main order types – market orders and limit orders. Market orders refer to buying shares at market price. You can set market orders if you really want to buy the shares, right now. This may also be applicable if the stock is rising rapidly in price and you are hoping to jump on the train quickly.

On the other hand, limit orders can be used when you want to buy the stock at a specific price. For example, you may find that the current stock price is too high, and want to get more out of your money by only buying the stock if it fluctuates below the current price.

With Syfe Brokerage, you get to choose your preferred order type.

And that’s how to buy a stock – it’s as simple as that!

Bonus: Buying stocks with Syfe Brokerage

Buying stocks is simple with Syfe Brokerage. Our fractional trading feature allows you to buy over thousands of US stocks and ETFs with as little as US$1. This means that you can now invest easily within your budget, without worrying about hefty share prices.

Syfe Brokerage is offering free unlimited US trades for the first three months. After the introductory offer period, you’ll get 2 free trades each month. So, if you plan your trades carefully you might be able to get away with paying zero transaction fees! Even if you exceed your free trade allowance after the third trade, there’s a low flat fee of just US$1.49 per trade (not per share).

Opening an account is fast and simple with Singpass. Last but not least, Syfe Brokerage is licensed by MAS, so you can trade with peace of mind.

Want to know what other investors think? Check out this Syfe Brokerage review for more details.

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