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What does Syfe exactly do to help you do better? From who we are to how our products work, we help you know us a bit more. You are in safe hands!

Syfe Starter Pack Redemption Code

Enjoy your first 3 months with Syfe, managed for free.

Why we use ETFs for Syfe portfolios

ETFs are gaining popularity among investors worldwide. And for good reason.

Understanding Syfe’s Disruptive Technology portfolio

Disruptive Technology portfolio directly holds over 100 high-growth stocks like Tesla, Shopify, and Coinbase.

ESG Investing: Investing For Change

ESG) investing is gaining mainstream momentum.

What is Syfe USDirect? An introduction to Direct Indexing

Introducing the next evolution of passive investing in Hong Kong with Direct Indexing.

An investment approach built upon enduring principles that withstand the test of time

How we deliver long-term returns, why we use ETFs, and our view on China.

Inside Syfe’s Core Equity100 Portfolio

Core Equity100 is an all-equity portfolio.

What is Smart Beta? Why is it a good investment strategy?

In recent years, smart beta investing has become increasingly popular.

Understanding our Core portfolio investment strategy

Syfe Core is designed to maximise risk-adjusted returns, as measured by the Sharpe Ratio.

Is a Core Growth portfolio right for you?

Are you someone who favours a high-risk, high-reward approach to investing?