4 Syfe Brokerage Features that Make You a Better Investor 

We’ve designed our brokerage experience to be simple and easy to use. Since its launch in January 2022, we’ve unpacked a number of features on Brokerage that helps you to become a better, smarter investor. 

Here are some Syfe Brokerage features that you may not know about, which you can use to buff up your investment game!

1. Fractional Trading

Trade starting with any amount that you’re comfortable with. By starting out with small capital to invest, you can own a fraction of a share, and still get your hands on your favorite stocks even though you might not be able to buy a whole share. 

As an example, one share of NVDA (as of 3rd Aug 2023) is priced at around US$465. With fractional trading, you can buy $100 or even $1 worth of a NVDA stock – you can set aside however much you want to invest as a whole and customise the amount to each trade. This allows you to build a diversified portfolio with baskets of stocks regardless of how much capital you have without having to purchase whole shares. 

If you’re looking to invest regularly, fractional trading also complements a DCA strategy. Let’s say you’re looking to invest $1,000 into the previous NVDA stock every month, fractional trading will help you to execute 2.15 shares of the stock. Without fractional trading, you would only be able to buy 2 shares with the intended amount, leaving $70 uninvested.  

With fractional trading, you’re able to put your every dollar to work, which means you do not have to wait until you accumulate certain sums to invest. 

2. Recurring Buy

Invest on autopilot with recurring buy. The feature allows you to schedule buy orders at any dollar value or share count, and set frequencies as often as you like, whether that’s monthly, weekly or even daily.

If you are looking to invest $500 monthly in AAPL stocks as part of your DCA strategy. You can do so in three simple steps: add in amount, select your desired frequency and slide to review. 

By investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals regardless of how the stock market is performing, you get to ride out market volatilities or average the cost of your AAPL investments over time. In the long run, this may mean that you actually pay less than a lump-sum purchase (possibly at a higher cost price of share, depending on the market conditions). 

Bonus Tip: You can also set a standing instruction from your bank account to deposit money automatically into your Syfe Trade account regularly, for a seamless DCA investing experience.

3. Stock Price Alerts

Time your trades better by setting price alerts on your favourite stocks.  

Know when to take advantage of that ‘buy low’, ‘sell high’ motto. Set target price or average cost alerts to be notified of stock price changes and decide when to buy/sell stocks. 

If you own a stock and are looking to profit, you can set your target price as a percentage (ex: +10%) or a fixed price ($215), the app will shoot you an alert once the market price hits your target.

If you’re looking to DCA on a particular stock long term and average the cost on your positions, you could also do the same with average cost alerts.

This means that you can keep up to date with the latest stock movements without having to constantly monitor the stock market. You can add, edit or stop these alerts at any time.

4. Discover

Browse through stocks by popularity, curated themes and sectors to gain inspiration on what to invest in. Enjoy the convenience of our in-app Wall Street insights readily at your fingertips, allowing you to easily access rating prices, average analyst price target, forward earning estimates and history.

Additionally, our latest feature, Peer Picks, also lets you peek into how similar Syfe investors invest! View the most popular assets amongst other like-minded investors, based on your demographics, risk appetite, investment behaviour and interests. You also get to discover which other assets are popular amongst your peers to be dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into.

Keep an eye out on these features on our app, and use it the next time together with your trades! All of the features above are applicable across SG and US stock exchanges (with the exception of fractional which is only available for US) to level up your investment strategy with these features.

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