Weekly Kick Start | Insights from the APEC Summit

The focal point last week centered on the APEC Summit, where US-China relations experienced a new turning point. At this pivotal meeting, leaders from both nations demonstrated a willingness to ease tensions and seek mutual progress through dialogue and agreements. This significant event has prompted us to concentrate on the APEC Summit in this week’s recap.

On Top of Our Mind This Week: Insights from the APEC Summit

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The Biden-Xi Summit: Talking and Making Agreements

US President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met and decided to start talking again, especially in the military area, to avoid misunderstandings. They also agreed to work together to stop the making of fentanyl, a drug causing problems in the US. But, they still don’t agree on Taiwan. During this meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphatically denied any intentions of warring with the United States. He said China is just looking to be friends and has no plans to challenge or replace the US as a top country. Xi’s message comes at a time when China’s economy is struggling and needs more investment from other countries. This is important for investors because it shows China is trying to create a more stable and friendly environment for business.

The APEC Summit: US and China Competing for Friends

At the APEC Summit, Biden and Xi both tried to win support from other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Biden reassured these countries that the US is committed to them. On the other hand, Xi tried to attract investment to China and called for less tension with the US. This competition is important for investors to watch because it will affect trade and economic policies in a region important for global business.

Why should we care?

Overall, this week showed some positive steps in US-China relations but also highlighted ongoing challenges. Investors should closely monitor these developments, understanding that the interplay between diplomatic maneuvers and economic policies will shape investment opportunities and risks in the coming times.

Market Recap This Week

This week we observed a subtle yet promising rise in the equity market. S&P 500 and NASDAQ ascended by 2.2% and 2.4% respectively. Even Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index joined the upward trend, climbing 1.5%. However, the 10-Year Treasury Yield saw a significant drop of 19 basis points, hinting at a possible peak in the U.S. interest rate hikes. The commodities sector continued their upward trajectory. Crude oil surged by 4.8%, while gold glittered with a 3.2% increase. Meanwhile, Bitcoin bucked its recent rising trend, experiencing a 2.1% decline. 

Source: Google Finance, Syfe Research, 18 November 2023 

What is on the Radar for This Week? 

In the upcoming week, investors should pay attention to US Initial Jobless Claims(Wed, 22 November). It matters because a downtrend is seen as a sign of an improving labor market and could have a positive impact on the USD’s performance against its rivals and vice versa. Additionally, investors will closely watch for the release of Services PMI(Fri, 24 November).

Source: Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Google Finance

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