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Bracing for uncertainty? Key trends to lookout for in 2023

Table of contents 2023 Market Outlook High & Falling Inflation The Fed Policy Recession Forecast What this means for your investment strategy 2023 Market Outlook As we move into 2023, investor hopes have been bolstered for the year with latest inflation numbers coming in below expectations for two consecutive months, signalling that the end to the...

6 Smart Ways To Spend Your Year-End Bonus

Instead of splurging all of your bonus, allocate it wisely in line with your money goals.

What are the real fees you pay when buying funds or unit trusts?

Syfe was built out of a desire to bringing greater transparency to the fees associated with investing, and remove the layers of hidden commissions charged by financial institutions. Comparing investment platforms by looking only at platform fees tells only half the story of what you truly pay when investing in...

Recession Proof Stocks And Strategies To Consider in 2023

Recession-proof your portfolio with these tips

What’s Trending – Flight to Familiarity

Samantha Horton, Syfe's Chief Business Officer, shares her thoughts on market developments

Syfe 3Q 2022 Portfolio Performance Update

How our portfolios performed in the year to date ending 30 September 2022

China Markets: An Update

Post Monday’s strong selloff, valuation for Chinese equities are now about 10 times forward PE

Are We Heading Into Another ‘Lost Decade’ Of Investing?

What lessons can we glean from history to chart the way forward?

6 Things A Singapore Investor Should Know About The Fed Rate Hikes 

How will Singaporeans be affected by rising interest rates?