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ETF vs Mutual Fund: What’s The Difference?

Should you consider investing in ETFs or mutual funds?

5 Reasons Why ETFs Are Better For Your Wealth

Offering low fees, instant diversification and easy access, ETFs are made for the smart investor.

Inside Syfe’s Core Equity100 Portfolio

A look at all the ETFs held within the Core Equity100 portfolio
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Attention #Supermoms: Have You Thought About Your Financial Future?

Mums may be superheroes, but they need to take care of themselves and their financial future too

The Tech Sector Selloff Shows Why Diversification Is So Important

A well-diversified portfolio is the key to long-term wealth.

Volatility Did Not Disappear With The Rally As The Recent Pullback Shows

We may be in a new volatility regime for the foreseeable future. A risk-management strategy can prepare investors for that.

Money Talk: 4 Professionals Share How They Grow Their Wealth

Syfe clients share how they manage their money while juggling high-flying careers

4 Reasons To Diversify Your Portfolio With S-REITs

Whether you’re seeking high yields or long-term capital appreciation, here are four reasons to add S-REITs to your portfolio.

Investing In Your 50s: Tips For A Successful Retirement

In this pivotal decade, it is time to take planning for your golden years a lot more seriously.