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Syfe Closes S$40 Million Series B Funding Round

This comes just nine months after Syfe’s Series A in September 2020 and brings our total capital raised to S$70.7 million (US$52.6 million).

#SyfeTurnsTwo: Our Journey Thus Far

Our CEO, Dhruv Arora, shares his favourite Syfe milestones

The Definitive Guide to Investing In REITs

REITs provide investors of all stripes a great way to add real estate to their portfolios

How To Invest in Singapore Real Estate Through REITs

Highlights from the Easily Invest In Singapore Real Estate Seminar with SGX, Nikko AM, and Dollars&Sense

Read This 4-Step Checklist Before You Start Investing

The most successful investors were not made in a day. Here's how to start your investing journey right.

Is DCA Better Than Lump Sum Investing?

How should investors choose between both strategies?

How Compounding Can Help Make You Rich

Compounding is simply your money making more money over time

5 Ways To Motivate Your Child To Save Money

It is no secret that teaching your child money management is an uphill task. Here's what you can do.

The Summer Of Inflation? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic

Inflation matters a great deal for financial markets. For many years, investors have not had to worry about rising prices.

Is $340,000 Enough To Raise A Child In Singapore?

It costs at least $340,000 to raise a child in Singapore. Here's what parents think about costs and the joys of parenthood.