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Syfe responds to the ups and downs of the investment markets as well as the latest trends.

Weekly Market Wrap | 17 February 2023

Latest US inflation data out on Tuesday has disappointed investors, as prices continued to rise in January by 6.4% annually. This marked the seventh consecutive month of price increases, with only a slight cooling from December's 6.5% pace.

Weekly Market Wrap | 24 June 2022

Have we reached the peak inflation?

Weekly Market Wrap | 08 May 2023

The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, marking its 10th consecutive increase since March 2022. However, it also indicated that it may pause further hikes to assess the impact of recent bank failures and monitor inflation.

Weekly Market Wrap | 9 September 2022

The ECB raised interest rates by 0.75% this week...

Weekly Market Wrap | 27 February 2023

The Hang Seng Index is now down 10.06% since its high in January. Some believe the market decline is due to growing geopolitical concerns and doubts over the strength of China's economy. Investors are also seeking more evidence that the economy's recovery is on safe footing, as a sharp three-month surge in the measure started to reverse in February.

Weekly Market Wrap | 1 July 2022

Worst start in 50 years?

Weekly Market Wrap | 17 May 2023

Inflation in the United States has slowed to its lowest rate in two years, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI index, which measures the cost of a basket of goods rose 0.4% in April and 4.9% over the last 12 months but this was a deceleration from 5% in the previous month. Analysts had expected the figure to remain at 5%. 

Weekly Market Wrap | 16 September 2022

Inflation remained stubbornly high in the latest August inflation report, despite falling energy prices...

Weekly Market Wrap | 03 March 2023

Historically, interest rates of 5% or more were the norm, and stocks performed well during those periods. Higher interest rates can encourage people to save, which could lead to increased investment in new technology and factories, improving productivity and growth prospects.

Weekly Market Wrap | 8 July 2022

US stocks rally; supply chain issues moderate; China remains buoyant