Supercharge your savings with our Cash Management solutions.
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Supercharge your savings with our Cash Management solutions.

Custom Portfolios

Your investment, your way

Maximum control, minimal effort. Decide which ETFs to invest in and let us automate the rest. Adjust and edit as often as you like.

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BEST-in-class etfs

Access a curated list of ETFs, handpicked by investment experts from the ETF universe.

Customised by you

Invest in your preferred geographies and sectors. Adjust your allocations anytime.


Compound returns with automatic dividend reinvesting and recurring transfer plans.

Build your own portfolio

pick from
100+ etfs

Funds have been screened with our proprietary methodology to optimise for fees, liquidity and tracking error.

analyse your portfolio

Instantly calculate past returns, exposure and portfolio risk so you can make smarter decisions.

adjust your allocations

Make unlimited edits to your portfolio with no minimum investment or brokerage fees.


What is Syfe Select Custom?

Syfe Select Custom is a platform that allows you to build your own portfolios from a curated list of over 100 best-in-class ETFs.

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What are the ETFs available on the Syfe Select Custom platform?

Our investment team has pre-selected a list of over 100 ETFs according to our rigorous screening methodology. We only pick the best low-cost, highly liquid, index-tracking ETFs to ensure that you not only achieve your desired market exposure but also gain optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Our ETFs are managed by world-leading asset managers such as BlackRock, Invesco, State Street, Vanguard, and ARK.

If you're an existing Syfe client, you may view the full list by creating a Custom portfolio. Otherwise, you can see the available ETFs by creating a Syfe account. You may also read more about our selection methodology

How many ETFs can I add in my portfolio?

You may add up to 8 ETFs in your portfolio.

Can I create a custom portfolio with a single ETF?

Yes! The choice is yours.