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Should You Keep 100% Of Your Money In Stocks?

Is the barbell strategy right for you?

An Update On Core Equity100

Details on our bi-annual rebalancing for Core Equity100

How To Save An Extra $10,000 This Year

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Earn More On Your Savings With Syfe Cash+

Earn more on your savings with 1.5% p.a. projected returns

Are You Losing Money To Idle Cash?

Don't let your cash collect digital dust. With Cash+, you can earn projected returns of 1.75% p.a.

Syfe Cash+ Q1 Performance Update

Cash+ delivered actual annualised returns of 2.18% in Q1

An Update On Our REIT+ Rebalancing

An update on our REIT+ rebalancing

Syfe Core: Portfolios For Your Different Goals

A core satellite investing strategy with Syfe Core portfolios

Syfe Referral Program

Enjoy investing with Syfe? Invite your friends to sign up for a Syfe account by sending them your referral code. They get to try Syfe for free, and you get up to a $100 cash bonus. How it works

The Money Move Not Enough Women Are Making

Investing is the most important money move that many women aren’t making.