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Make your money work smarter for you.

A Smarter Factor Investing Strategy You Can Get Behind

Equity100 uses smart beta to deliver better returns through several factor tilts: growth, large market cap, and low-volatility

Inside Syfe’s Equity100 Portfolio

A breakdown of all the ETFs held within the Equity100 portfolio

Make Your Portfolio More Resilient For A Post-Pandemic World

Economic slow-down? Do these to build portfolio resilience

Volatility Did Not Disappear With The Rally As The Recent Pullback...

We may be in a new volatility regime for the foreseeable future. A risk-management strategy can prepare investors for that.

Interest Rate Cut On Your High Yield Savings Account? Here’s How...

Beat inflation and grow your wealth with these investments instead.

5 Reasons Why You Should Add ETFs To Your Current Portfolio

A core satellite approach with ETFs can give you a well-diversified portfolio with lower costs and stable market returns.

Your Money & Coronavirus: Smart Ways To Protect Your Finances In...

Don't let the coronavirus impede your financial goals.

Why Outperformance In Down Markets Is More Important Than You Think...

Successful investors focus on minimising huge losses - exactly what our risk-managed portfolios are designed to do.

REITs vs Rental Properties: Which Is Better?

5 key factors to consider before you make a decision.

Balance Out Volatility With A Diversified REIT Portfolio

Can Syfe's REIT portfolio guard against volatility? Listen to the podcast here.