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Return to Heightened Alert: Why Industrial REITs Are Safe Haven Picks In 2021

Industrial REITs have the clearest growth trajectory right now, as their tenants are least likely to be affected by the reintroduced Phase 2 restrictions.

Top 3 Singapore REITs in 2021

In a volatile environment, investors should select REITs that are resilient and able to capture growth opportunities.

Syfe Cash+ Q2 Performance Update

Syfe Cash+ delivered actual annualised returns of 1.65% as of 30 June 2021, higher than the projected return of 1.5%

REITs 101

REITs are an easy way to start investing in real estate.

Are You Missing Out On Singapore’s REITs Opportunity?

Why Singapore REITs are still a buy

Rising Interest Rates: What It Means For Syfe Cash+

How will interest rate changes impact Syfe Cash+?

2021 Mid-Year Market Outlook

How will the global economic recovery unfold in the second half of 2021?

Pick The Best Singapore REITs With These 5 Tips

High dividend yield alone does not indicate a good REIT.

Singapore Office REITs: What Is The Future Of The Workplace?

Companies are taking a longer time to finalise their decisions around remote working, hybrid work, or a back to office model.

Why Is Diversification The Only Free Lunch In The World?

Diversification is not putting all your eggs in one basket.