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The FOMC Meeting Is Crucial: 10 Things You Should Know

Markets are watching the FOMC meeting for guidance on the Fed's plan to raise interest rates

Weekly Market Wrap | 21 January 2022

Nasdaq heads into correction territory; China's GDP surprise

Weekly Market Wrap | 14 January 2022

Highest inflation reading since 1982

#AskSyfe: How To Prepare Your Portfolio For Higher Inflation

With prices and interest rates set to rise this year, how can investors position their portfolios for higher inflation?

Syfe Cash+: Portfolio Re-optimisation and Performance Update (2021)

We are reoptimizing the Syfe Cash+ portfolio and revising the projected returns

Weekly Market Wrap | 7 January 2022

FOMC minutes; China tech selloff deepens

Weekly Market Commentary | 12 December 2021

US CPI, Evergrande defaults

Weekly Market Commentary | 5 December 2021

Powell's testimony, jobs report, OPEC meeting

Weekly Market Commentary | 28 November 2021

Virus fears return, rate hike bets adjusted, Powell renominated

Weekly Market Commentary | 22 November 2021

Strong US October retail sales, elevated interest in EV makers