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Weekly updates in three charts

Weekly Market Commentary | 25 July 2021

Mixed US economic data; ECB meeting, US-China bilateral trade

Weekly Market Wrap | 4 March 2022

Putin and the rest of the world, March rate hike, what we're watching next week

Weekly Market Wrap | 14 October 2022

US CPI runs hot; CCP’s Party Congress; assets that keep pace with inflation

Weekly Market Wrap | 3 June 2023

#EuropeInflation #DebtCeiling #AlibabaChatBot Topic #1: Inflation in Europe drops to lowest level since February 2022 Inflation rates in Europe (Source: TRADINGECONOMICS.COM) What happened? Inflation in Europe has reached its slowest pace since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the initial estimate from the European Union's statistics agency, consumer prices in the eurozone...

Weekly Kick Start | 16 December 2023

This week’s Federal Reserve meeting marks a significant shift in the US monetary policy, indicating an end to the aggressive rate hike cycle and forecasting lower borrowing costs by 2024. This pivotal change, acknowledging subdued inflation, is crucial for investors as it signals a shift from a rising rate...

Weekly Market Recap | 21 February 2021

Singapore unveiled a new $11 billion package as part of Budget 2021; an oil supply shock hits the US; Treasury yields creep higher

Weekly Market Commentary | 17 October 2021

Singapore tightens policy in 3 years; US Sept inflation

Weekly Market Wrap | 20 May 2022

Brief bear; not all bad news; what are other indicators telling us?

Weekly Market Wrap | 27 January 2023

Topic #1: China’s Lunar New Year Rebound Data out on Wednesday showed that Chinese families celebrated the Lunar New Year in high style. What does this mean? While the lifting of Covid restrictions alone will not immediately revive China's economy, recent indicators suggest that the country is beginning to recover. For example,...

Weekly Market Wrap | 5 August 2023

#USRating #AMZN_AAPL #ChinaPrivateSector Fitch downgrades United States, but no major impact anticipated US credit ratings from various agencies What Happened? In a significant move, Fitch Ratings, one of the major credit-rating agencies, downgraded the United States government's credit worthiness from AAA to AA+. This decision marks the second time in recent years that...