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Weekly updates in three charts

Weekly Market Commentary | 30 May 2021

Economic restart; US-China trade talks; active trading risks

Weekly Market Wrap | 21 January 2022

Nasdaq heads into correction territory; China's GDP surprise

Weekly Market Recap | 13 December 2020

Another week without compromise on the US stimulus bill

Weekly Market Commentary | 8 August 2021

Another wild week for Chinese stocks; Q2 earnings surprise

Weekly Market Wrap | 25 March 2022

Markets shrug off possibility of double hike; Nasdaq records second week of gainsd

Weekly Market Recap | 14 March 2021

US President Joe Biden's $1.9T stimulus bill gets passed; elevated bond yields ease

Weekly Market Commentary | 7 November 2021

US Fed meeting; G20 summit; Singapore REITs

Weekly Market Wrap | 10 June 2022

With inflation still running hot, what does this mean for the Fed?

Weekly Market Commentary | 7 June 2021

Quiet markets; tepid May jobs report; Biden’s China blacklist

January 2022 FOMC Meeting: 10 Things You Should Know

Markets are watching the FOMC meeting for guidance on the Fed's plan to raise interest rates